Sunday, 5 June 2011

Off to Florida...

May 31, 2011 04:30hrs PST

It is simply too early! ...and very much concurred with by some slightly incoherent mumbles coming from my,and what most folks consider, very much better half. A last plea on her behalf to just sink back into the pillows goes ignored. First stop on the trip is the local Donut Shop for a cup of coffee and we are off to get Hans. Packing for this trip was easy and with a total of 40lbs max for the both of us on the way back in the Zenair, in case it gets purchased, really left us only with a small backpack each.
No need to describe yet another Canyon-Trip,other than that the water is way up already and we still have to get into snow melt. Our last flight across the Monashees and Selkirks gave us a good look of this years snowpack and it looks like March up there. Should be interesting once it gets really warm out!
Check in and Customs in Vancouver was a snap. Literally! By far the fastest and easiest we have ever experienced. Same goes for DFW in Texas on the switch to Tampa.
arriving here and getting out of the air conditioned Terminal was a shock to the body. It decided to open pores that haven't been used in decades of Heli-skiing and seems like only now finally decided to get back to work and drain the body of its fluids in the hot and humid air. Off to an air-conditioned shuttle and after getting out the rush to the air-conditioned Lobby of the Hotel and hurry across the balcony to the air-conditioned room. WOW, I am finally warm after a long "Canadian Winter". Some Robert Service comes to mind the Cremation of Sammy McGee, just slower in a more tenderizing fashion.
Car Rental in Tampa, don't go to the Payless, since this must also include not only a rate cut but a tremendous courtesy and service cut. You pay less and you get nothing for help of where you are but you can pay more, like 10 bucks for GPS a day, and it tells you were to go, but we won't. Next Please!!!
Driving from Tampa to Zephyrhills is only about 45 minutes to an hour and you end up in a slightly more relaxed country atmosphere. The hotel here, Microtel, is new with clean rooms an acceptable breakfast even though after about three days it becomes more like a scene from Groudhog Day than an attractive meal choice. Walmart Market is next door, and taking, Yes you guessed it, an "air-conditioned walk inside" and looking at the prices I can only add that we, the Candian Consumer, is getting creamed left, right and center.
The same goes for food in general, from 4.99 all you can eat Pizza Buffet's including the drink to a nice dinner for about 10 bucks, enjoy a 2 for 1 Beer on Saturdays for another 2.50. Driving to your favorite restaurant runs 3.69 a gallon, thats about 85 cents CDN versus our 1.40 in 100 Mile, a State Tax of 7% versus our 12% and a winter down in the deep South is becoming to look very attractive, would it not be for missing out on great ski flying. Well, make up your mind,eh, as my better half would put it gently!

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