Sunday, 5 June 2011

A day at "Flight Crafters"...

June 01, 2011 10:30EST

Our contact down here was Russell Lepre, owner of Flight Crafters, Zenith Distributing LLC. which looks mainly after the Zenith Product Line and his Partner Bob Berube which deals in Europa Aircraft. Big Shop!!! Not like what we have at home and it is currently home to 11 aircraft projects and the make up is mainly CH-750 with one RV12, 2 Europas (both for sale), and enough tools, parts, and advice to finish your project.

It becomes apparent quickly why some companies can succeed even in the throws of depression and to put it simply it comes down to service. Picking up that phone and answering all those questions from potential buyers or builders. Going the extra 10 miles, looking after your customers and not nickel & dime the proverbial C$#$ out of them. They, Russell and Bob, are not only great guys, but also seem to work well together with a shared outlook on the recreational aviation business. "Use the desk over there to call your insurance in Canada", ""YES, you can use the phone again to call Transport Canada", ..."don't worry local is free".
..I gotta get my own phone, aaarrrgh!!!

Hans looking at the CH-750 ...Future project maybe?!?

We have met three guys regularly over the last week working in the shop on their projects and that is Stan, Larry and (total mind blank).  Everyone of them building a CH750. And with a tongue in cheek
and a "what is with you guys you've never heard of a BushCaddy?" the all metal Bushplane debate got on its way. CH750 over R80 or R120 from BushCaddy. Cessna 185 versus Beaver and so on. Easier to build, harder to build, pre-made parts, kit quality, short of the usual airshow debates and with lunch drawing nearer, we finally got out of the shop again and drove around the airport to take a first glimpse at N500ME.
Driving across, I am thinking to myself that if you are looking for Zenairs we've come to the right place. How many do you need? And your choice of color would be... Ford Red you've said, we can do that. So why is so hard than to find something for a reasonable price north of line? Canadians are still stuck thinking we are 20% behind the USD and not 5% ahead? Why would you pay the same price for 1994 in QC if you can get a 2009 here for the same price. Sure, you have to get it home, but a 1000 miles away is a 1000 miles away, dont matter which way you look. And after all, isn't that what the adventure is all about?

As an old saying goes; He who travels has a story to tell.

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