Sunday, 5 June 2011

First Flight, Impressions and Decissions...

Mike Ethridge the owner of N500ME joined us and the convoy rolled out to take a peek into the hangar across the field that housed "Mikey's Toy".

...and about the Price? Ahhaa, MMMhha, Soo, MMMH, Yup, AAhhaa, but, MMMh, okay!
And now the story really begins and so does the paperwork...

Remember, you are not legal to fly until the weight of the Paperwork outweighs the gross weight of the Aircraft.
Let's hear it for the LSA! Can't be that bad, right!? Think again!

Yup, it is about as clean as it looks and on go the cowlings and time for a first flight! Unfortunatley we got cut short a bit with the first real taste (for us anyhow) of how hard it can rain down here. WOW... we must have gotten the annual rainfall for 100 Mile House in an afternoon. Cause, a tropical depression that crossed over from the Atlantic and carried a good front with it. Lesson learned, if you see it coming, get down and ideally get into a Hangar. Good time to pull all covers, get the flashlight out and start looking into all the nooks and crannies most builders would you rather not have stick your nose in. But all I can say, they have done a nice job on this aircraft and now several hours of flying later, I can only add that it flies as nice as it looks minus the quirkiness of the 701. But don't all birds, aside from a 172 maybe, have their own little things you want to be aware off. Big Thanks goes out to Ed, his efforts and hours spent to get me checked out on the aircraft!

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