Friday, 10 June 2011

Chill'n, Deal'n and God will'n...

Friday June 10th, 2011

Hans was off early to the hangar to meet with Russell and get on the leaks and trace them. Looking over the plans last night, our feeling is that it is probably the seals on the fuel probes. Their installation height lines up with the amount remaining in the tanks. I did question the signs of leakage, on the both undersides of the wing, during the pre-purchase, but it was somewhat brushed aside with an overfill, expanding gas in the tanks and the hot hangars. Makes sense, but a hunch is a hunch and we've just got the confirmation running right down the side of the plane. But why both sides?

Now the question lingers if we will fly home 701 or 737?!

But as usual, Russell is stepping up to the plate... (in his humble and apologetic manner I must add) trying to reduce the blistering hurricane in Hans's Sails to mere breeze. And he's doing a great job at it! Gotta love it! He rolls in with Stan and Bob in tow and off come the panels. Yup, leaky sending unit it is! Get new seals, while we are in there change a leaky float and by 2 PM it is all back together. That's the boys at Flight Crafters for you. No arguing over what the problem might be, but rather getting on fixing them instead. My respect!
   Note: There would be access from the bottom (under fuel line) but insufficient to do the job properly!

                                              GO TEAM!!!! Looks like flight via 701 after all.

                      Russell adding the final touches to the windshield. Ready for the Georgia Rain, are we?

As I am sitting here, typing away like mad in the hotel room, somewhat chill'n and reflecting on the journey so, far it becomes apparent that Aviation still connects people and while maybe no longer in its past glory, a certain spark has remained. I find this spark is glowing more brightly on the recreational side than the GA. It is certainly were most of the activity is these days. It is these folks with their common goals and interests that makes this so much more fun.
Call us dreamers, adventurer's, crazies! If I have choice I'll take the grass strip and a cold beer under the wing, over a fancy FBO any day. The same goes for a good hangar talk over a boardroom meeting. And I've had ample opportunity for both. But maybe thats just were I am the most comfortable, at grass roots flying, no fancy shirt, certainly no tie, and barely call them shoes, flying something I've built with some friends over countless hours, and uniquely handcrafted and finished (with some CNC help up front)reflecting our, and what normal people might find a bit quirky, personalities.

At the onset of this endeavor when Hans asked me to join him and what we might be faced with, I've tried to shine a bit of reality onto the conquest. Expect at least 1 week to 10 days here in Florida alone, if all goes well. And you'll need to bring 2 things, PATIENCE and a VISA, in, it will take time and money! Welcome to aircraft ownership!
Now, with the "Aircraft Ownership Lesson 101, Chapter Warm-Up" completed we are 10 days in and counting. Well, the patience is wearing a bit thin here and there, but looking back we have met great people, made new friends, overcome new challenges, learned and grown ourselves, seen most of KZPH's culinary establishments, certainly worn down the Visa, but add it all up and you'll see that the experience as a whole was/is priceless. Not to forget the acquisition of a beautiful aircraft and at the same time pretty much dealt with most of the personalizing, plus a few unbeknownst hick ups.

It is the stuff lasting memories are made of and blogs been written. :-) Or at least this one!

But the best is yet ahead, the long flight home starting tomorrow. God will'n, there be great grass strips to land, more good folks to meet and lasting memories made!

...there is still the Clean up to be done! What? We didn't drink them all?

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